SimplyDominus is an agency specializing in Social Media Marketing.

We help businesses increase their profits by utilizing the incredible power of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok through paid traffic. 

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Panagiotis Karydas


Dropped out of University of Macedonia - Applied Computer Science Department.

Worked as a general manager for 2 years at a world-class Copywriting agency (over a million in profit/year), specializing in writing and optimizing listings on for clients.

After I armed myself with knowledge and experience in digital marketing and copywriting space, I learned all the ins and outs of Facebook marketing; I gathered a team of experts, which led to the founding of the SimplyDominus social media marketing agency.

The goal of SimplyDominus is to help and consult businesses to skyrocket their profits with strategic and converting ad campaigns.

The SimplyDominus team has run ad campaigns for numerous clients in various niches, like e-com, real estate, restaurants, Take-aways, etc., generating thousands of dollars/euros in profit.

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